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In Italy, Business Aviation has the following characteristics:

  • It operates in a context marked by systemic inefficiencies and bureaucratic problems which impact business aviation;
  • There is not a shared vision of the industry;
  • Currently, it is a limited market compared to other industrialized countries, affected by a substantial price competition;
  • It has no chance of competing and developing internationally, though the industry is experiencing an increasing demand.
  • It is marginalized because it is perceived as an issue rather than an asset from the airport operators.

The Italian Business Aviation Association (IBAA) is a non-profit and private entity dedicated to:

  • foster and facilitate business aviation’s services;
  • promoting airplane’s utilization as a crucial instrument to develop industrial and commercial activities;
  • analyzing and studying air transport industry’s issues, with special regard to those issues concerning domestic and international business and corporate aviation.

Up to the present date, IBAA’s associates are:

  • Commercial operators offering their planes & third party’s ones for private trips;
  • Private enterprises which use corporate jets for own business purpose trips.

IBAA’s new role:

  • Italian Business Aviation requires the focused action of an actor with a wide perspective system able to trigger an upstanding transition process;
  • IBAA’s associates have unrestricted access to industry and offer a public utility role providing up-to-the minute information of the many regulatory and technical issues of the Italian business aviation community.
  • IBAA’s future action will be founded on the protection of SAFETY in the Business Aviation transport and on the regulations and standard enforcement of the field.
  • IBAA wants to develop as institutional mission, the promotion of the safety enforcement in line with the business aviation organization of other countries. IBAA wants to amplify its visibility to have an influential and commanding voice on the issues of Business aviation.