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IBAA’s targets

  • Widening the associates in order to include all the system key’s actors in IBAA;
  • Strengthening the economic viability of the Association;
  • Making IBAA the primary independent and professional expert to develop a safety plan for the Italian air transport industry.
  • Supporting an efficient development model of the Italian Business Aviation;
  • Promoting the culture of safety in the Italian aviation industry since it is a cross-cutting theme with a precise economic and social impact.

IBAA’s vision:
“Supporting the rationalization and efficiency of the infrastructures and of the services in the major Italian airports dedicated to business aviation, acting synergically with every operator interested to create an added value in the industry”

IBAA’s institutional mission:
“To develop and promote the Business Aviation in Italy as a key sector of the aviation industry in favor of the economical growth and the flight safety”.